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The trainer is wonderful - having trouble following up. Would certainly recommend Vito!!
Lois W., St. Petersburg, Florida 29th July 2012

Very impressed with our trainer. He was very positive with solutions to our dogs aggressiveness. He is alpha over our four dogs, but after our first visit, we are extremely pleased to say he is no longer alpha and we can keep our dogs together. Trainer was very thorough and patient with us as well as our dogs. Well worth the expense.
Fritz and Trish B., Clearwater 14th July 2011

Marley is 100% better than when we started. He still needs work but it has to be done by me in between training sessions. Vito is very patient with Marley and he is a different dog already!
Nancy P., Palm Harbor 8th February 2011

Vito was fantastic! We saw huge changes and they are generalizing across many situations. Vito's a natural and the dogs now love him!
Sarah W., St. Petersburg 22nd February 2010

Vito has a great way with teaching me and Abby. He shows great talent, patience and authority in a way that is not threatening. Abby and I have learned a lot. Thank You!
Jill K., St. Petersburg 17th February 2010

Vito was very patient and knowledgeable in his instruction. I was amazed how quickly Shep responded to the "bah" correction. The training techniques are sensible and really do work.
Shelly G., Largo 15th January 2010

Vito has been great. There was a change in Roxy after our first lesson. We are very happy with Roxy and Vito. The lessons are great.
Linda Shaw, Seminole 18th December 2009

Vito has been terrific to work with. He is very understanding of our needs and the feelings of our Mastiff puppy. We have learned several ways to control our large dog. Simba is learning quickly and Vito continues to bring new ideas and techniques to try with Simba.
Anita W., Seminole 1st September 2009

Vito was great for Gia and good for us too! After every visit from Vito we feel a lot is learned! He's the best! Our dog Gia enjoys him too!
Johnny and Darlene G., Port Richey 19th August 2009

We noticed an immediate change in our dog's behavior during training. After the first session with Vito our dog Rocky was like a completely different dog. Bark Busters training methods are worth every penny because now Rocky is a happier dog and we are all happier as a family.
Rachael K., Port Richey 28th July 2009

After only 4 weeks, Chloe is a different dog. We had family staying for several days and they asked if we had a new dog. Chloe is still a work in progress but the change is dramatic. She is easier to live with and her behavior is so much more controlled and predictable.
Philip N., Largo 23rd June 2009

This is an excellent service for dog training. Vito showed me how to train my dog naturally and was always responsive to my questions and requests. Overall it's a great company with a wonderful trainer. I have recommended it's service to others.
Daniel S., St. Petersburg 19th June 2009

Vito's knowledge was impressive. Even more impressive was how fast the techniques he used worked. We are very happy with our choice to use Bark Busters services. We look forward to enjoying our time more with Mya and our new addition to our pack, Ziggy. Thank you Vito and Bark Busters!
Jason E., Dunedin 11th April 2009

I was amazed at how Vito got my 3 Yorkies under control within an hour on the first visit! The two girls had vicious fights, now they are part of the pack and I'm alpha dog. It was the best money I spent on my dogs. Thanks Vito! You're the best!
Linda H., St. Petersburg 4th March 2009

In a word, "OUTSTANDING"! Trainer/Therapist Vito Margaritondo provided outstanding explanations and training to my three dogs as well as my dog walker and myself. Results were dramatic. Positive behaviors were demonstrated within one hour of his clear explanations and direct lessons to dog masters and doggies alike Mr. Margaritondo's first session has made a tremendous impact on the dogs. They are happier, and thus healthier, and far more enjoyable to their masters and friends. The Bark Busters approach is absolutely clear and marvelously effective. I met with Jane Mayo, DVM, at Tyrone Veterinary Clinic, who recommended Bark Busters, to share the results of the experience. I will, absolutely, recommend Bark Busters at every given opportunity. Every dog that becomes a member of my family will enjoy training with Bark Busters' therapist, Vito Margaritondo.
George W. S., St. Petersburg 29th January 2009

The training worked like a charm, in a few short hours Vito showed Chrissy and I how to stop Simba from exhibiting bad behaviors. He is making excellent progress and it's assuring to know that Vito is available when we need him. Thanks Bark Busters!
Derreck and Christine D., Palm Harbor 29th November 2008

Vito was great!. He was kind and compassionate. He's restored balance to our home. Thank you!
Karen M., Seminole 9th November 2008

We have nothing but praise for Vito. He is kind, professional and gets results. Cody is still in "training" but we noticed a big difference after the first session. Vito is a huge asset to Bark Busters. P.S. We love the gentle methods of training.
Julie N., St. Petersburg 30th October 2008

Vito was excellent with Diego. It was amazing to see Diego respond so well on the first session. I'm very pleased and will recommend Bark Busters to others.
Lilly C., St. Petersburg 30th June 2008

We had two sessions with Vito and Benji is unbelievably improved. His barking was way out of control when we came home or had him in the car. He is now a joy to take with us.
Judy W., Largo 23rd June 2008

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