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It was really great. I noticed a big difference after the first session. He continues to improve as we keep using the techniques that were taught to us. Thanks again. Maybe now I can stop calling him demon puppy.
Carmella H., New Port Richey 24th June 2007

So simple - so successful! We are, and our friends and neighbors are, totally amazed! I might add that they are totally relieved also!
Tom K., Weeki Wachee 12th June 2007

The first session made a real difference in Gizmo's behavior. The training tips are working well. I would recommend your company to anyone with dog problems. Thank you for everything.
Donna F., New Port Richey 28th May 2007

Vito was very patient and easy to work with. Our dog was only 9 weeks old when training began. Vito spent more time than I believe is usual and even made an extra visit. We are very pleased with Abby's behavior.
Hal and Linda F., Tarpon Springs 27th April 2007

It's like I have two new, well-behaved dogs. The training was easy and quick for the dogs to learn.
Linda H., Largo 20th April 2007

We are thrilled with the results we have seen. Koda has responded extremely well to the training techniques. I loved the in-home training where Koda was in her own environment. We have seen immediate results.
Chris L., Palm Harbor 13th April 2007

My friends and family are amazed by the changes in our dog's behavior. Our home has become a much calmer place.
Debbie H., Largo 10th April 2007

Very effective training. Walker responded well to the training methods. He developed some new issues; he responded immediately to my call and came back for further training, which resolved the new problems. Very impressed with his skills and professional attitude.
Gerri O., Clearwater 6th April 2007

We saw an immediate change in the behavior of both Jaks & Reggie. We've been working with them every day and they are improving more and more. Walks have become an enjoyable experience instead of a necessary hassle. Vito was great! He gave us the tools we needed to communicate with our boys.
Heather & PJ G., St. Petersburg, FL 24th February 2007

The results of the training were amazing. After the initial training session, Lucy was a completely different dog. Well behaved and a joy to be around. Vito was absolutely wonderful to work with. Our family and friends could not believe the change and made comments like "if they didn't see it, they wouldn't have believed it"!
Charles & Melissa K., Palm Harbor, FL 16th February 2007

Vito was fabulous! He is patient, thorough and engaging. His ability to communicate with a canine is impressive and motivating. Great experience.
Suzanne & Dave F., Crystal Beach, FL 15th February 2007

We have recommended Bark Busters to several friends. We learned a lot from Vito and enjoyed working with him. The techniques he showed us have really worked well with Toby. Thank you!
Laurie M., Safety Harbor, FL 6th February 2007

Vito did an excellent job with Sammy. He has been out of control until now. By the time the training session was over we were amazed by the changes in his behavior. We were very impressed and pleased.
Jennifer & Mark G., Seminole, FL 4th February 2007

Extremely impressed with their capabilities - It was amazing how fast results were obtained - They were miracle workers - I would highly recommend them.
Jay R., Safety Harbor, FL 16th November 2006

We are very pleased with the results we are getting with our dog after the training session and couldn't believe how fast the dog responded. The trainer was very professional.
Beverly and Jim S., So. Pasadena, FL 8th November 2006

Vito was excellent. He understood our issues and tailored each dog's needs to specific training techniques. I have already told many people about it.
Jennifer & Don S., Largo, FL 3rd November 2006

After just 2 sessions, my 4-year-old Doberman rescue was the picture of the perfect dog. Previously, walking the 80-lb. dog was a miserable chore as she lugged me around the block chasing squirrels. Now, she walks next to me attentively with a completeley loose leash. "Thank you, Bark Busters."
Holly D., Largo, FL 2nd November 2006

It is nice to have a quiet house with no barking and growling. Getting them on an eating schedule is good for them also. They are doing well with all the training. What a difference! I am really happy with the results.
Linda Darling, Palm Harbor, FL 18th October 2006

The techniques that Vito taught us were very easy to learn and effective. We saw an immediate improvement in all three of our dogs. We look forward to implementing these techniques every day for the safety and future of our pets. Thank you so much for all your help.
Jackie T. / Jennie H., Holiday, FL 29th September 2006

My dog had a barking issue. One example of it is that i had to hold her when guests and repair people that she did not know (or like) were here - sometimes for a couple of hours! I was AMAZED at the results with just one session with Vito and Maryanne. My friends and family think it's a miracle, and now my beautiful dog is also enjoyable for them to be around. Also, I do not condone any training done with negative reinforcement, violence, or 'breaking' an animal. One reson I chose Bark Busters was because of the natural, positive techniques that are part of the program. I also appreciated how I was trained first so that I understood the program, how it worked, the philosophy, etc. No one I knew thought Abbey's barking problem could be 'fixed'. I even thought that this was a problem I perpetuated that i would have to live with for the rest of her lifespan. I was optimistic, yet doubtful that this would work. I still can't quite believe it, especially since it only took one session. Have I said "amazed," yet? I am greatful and thankful.
Michelle M., Hudson, FL 15th September 2006

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