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I have already recommended Bark Busters to my vet! Huge help!
Michelle F., Readington Beach, FL 11th September 2006

No one can believe Max is the same dog. They say I traded him for his brother. Thanks !
Donna K., St. Petersburg, FL 28th August 2006

Bark Busters literally gave us our life back! As we loved our new puppy so much, Bagel had an easy time training us and he dominated our every waking minute wih his never ceasing demads for attention, petting and play time. Then would play bite and jump when he didn't receive enough. After only 1 training session, and 1 week of using the Bark Buster techniques, we now look at our dog and ask, "Who are you and what did you do with Bagel (our Beagle puppy)?" Thank you!
Michael & Bea F., Tarpon Springs, FL 15th August 2006

We were amazed at how well Leo responded to the training methods. I can't believe how much difference in my dog from the start of the lesson til the end. Vito is so confident in all he does. We are thrilled! This is going to work!
Kim F., Bayport, FL 13th August 2006

I would recommend Bark Busers to anyone with a dog. Consistency is very important. This makes me happy and my dogs even happier.
Christine E., St. Petersburg, FL 9th August 2006

Vito was great to work with. We have made real progress and it is up to me and Poppy to keep training to achieve complete success. I believe that Bark Busters has provided all of the knowledge, tools & support needed. I won't hesitate to call if we need additional help.
Jim B., Clearwater, FL 20th July 2006

The trainer was very professional and clearly love what they do. We are happy with the results and have recommended him already. Great Job !
Susan & Hugh K., Tarpon Springs, LF 27th June 2006

It took Skippy a while to be somewhat controllable. I'm extremely pleased with the results from 'before' and 'after'. I still have work to do with him to keep him in line but he is much more manageable. He's almost a different dog!
Carole T., Port Richey, FL 4th June 2006

We noticed a big difference in Max after the first two-hour session. We are very pleased.
Richard K., Port Richey, FL 14th May 2006

We want to thank Bark Busters for finally showing us how to have a loving and obedient dog! Oreo has now become a wonderful and fun companion for us, thanks to you.
Malcolm & Lorraine S., Hudson, LF 12th May 2006

We were positive our dog, Sydney, would be the "problem child" and the trainer would tell us there was no hope. But, after just one session we are now in control. We are a happy family. Thank You!
Steve & Roberta R., Dunedin, FL 5th May 2006

I am so happy that I finally did this!!!!!! My 2 cute little Shitzus were so bad in almost every area imaginable; I didn't even know how out of control it was. Lucy, the mother of Spanky, ran the house, attacked other dogs, barked, would hump my Lab 2 or 3 times a day, and demand to be petted. Spanky was not much better: he ran away from me all the time and was aggressive with any other dog. I ahd had 2 sessions and my dogsd are really amazing! I am so happy and really proud of all of us . . . we go to the dog park every day and they are now interacting with the same dogs they wanted to take down. Vito's a miracle workers and I can't tell enough people about him.
Joy, Crystal Beach, FL 4th May 2006

Vito is great. My 'boys' can stay alone now. No more anxiety!!
Mike & Renee P., Tarpon Springs, FL 20th April 2006

Spunky is better-behaved after the initial visit. We are looking forward to continued improvement. I need to master the training techniques explained very well to me.
Virginia W., Dunedin, FL 9th April 2006

Vito was GREAT! We learned so much from him & saw immediate results. I've had dogs all of my life, taking each through obedience training but until now none of that training taught my dogs how to be family members so quickly. The natural techniques work better than anything I've tried.
Mary A., St. Petersburg, FL 16th March 2006

The trainer was very friendly and easy to work with. Even on the first day we noticed a difference in both our dogs. Thanks.
Gary & Amanda G., Bellair Beach, LF 27th February 2006

Very impressed. I spoke to Vito prior to the 1st lesson, & everything he said happened. He was very professional & patient. He was great. My dog responded immediately. I've been working with him for 2 days & the change is fantastic.
Frank M., Largo, FL 12th February 2006

Dusty is like a different dog. The day after his training we had a painter come in to do some work. Dusty did not jump up on the painter & laid down at my feet while we were talking. Thanks so much !!!
Vicky & Bill M., Hudson, FL 25th January 2006

I was very impressed with the reaction of my dogs to the training. We have been working now for 10 days and i have seen a great improvement. I have an Alpha female and the difference in her is amazing. I can leave the house much quicker and with less drama and anxiety.
Teresa S., Clearwater, FL 23rd January 2006

Bailey = $ xx Brinkley = $ xx Peace and Quiet in the morning = Priceless!!!
David & Tami B., Hudson, FL 18th January 2006

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